Dining Room Feng Shui Tips

Dining room Feng Shui

Dining room is your "heart of the house". This is the center of life's richness: the quality of life, wealth and relationships.

This is the place where family and friends gather to enjoy good food and chat. This is also the health center of your house. The rich table of food is associated with family's wealth. And proper food keeps you healthy. So take care of this room and you will be both healthy and wealthy.
This room relates to good food, pleasure and relaxation.

It is best to have your dining room separately from living room and kitchen. All these rooms should have different Feng Shui energy. If you only have a dining corner then mark the area to separate it from the rest of the room. You can use furniture, plants, lights, different flooring, rugs or whatever you like that clearly separates the part of room.

Ideally you should have all major meals in your dining room (or dining corner) and spend a lot of time here to derive the good energy it has.

Decorating your dining room

Best dining room is fairly wide and shaped as rectangle or square.

This room has to keep warm, quite slow Chi to support digestion.

Use neutral and pastel colors.
Wall and other large areas are best in monochrome colors. Bright spots such as decorations are good for creating appetite. Avoid dull, lifeless colors.

Lighting should be smooth and calming. Dim lighting is good. Choose lighting so that it wouldn't create shadows on the table.

Pay attention to and light up dark corners.

Your dining table should be big but leave enough room around it.
Oval and round tables are good, but a round table can make guests want to leave early.
If possible choose an octagon shaped table.
Place your table into the center of room in an angle to the walls. It is not a very good idea to place the table parallel to the walls.

Place some big soft-leafed plants near the table.

Chairs should have high back and preferably armrests.Keep in mind that a window or door behind one's back may make one feel threatened and unsafe. If possible seat everybody so that they wouldn't have a door or window behind their back.The oldest family member or an important guest should sit on the best seat. This is farthest from the door and has a wall behind. One should see the door and windows from this spot.

If you quarrel a lot while sitting by your dining table with your family then use some dim lighting and pastel colors. Seat the aggressive person to an "unsafe" place.

Keep electrical appliances, including TVs and radios away from your dining area.

Do not keep cracked dishes.

Prefer simple forms and monochrome colors.

Exhibit food! Place a round bowl with round fruits on the table. Some fruits have a specific meaning: apples deepen friendship, pears enhance health and oranges increase wealth.

Decorate the table with some candles and crystals. Make sure the decorations are not on the way when reaching for food. If you use flowers, use fresh not dried ones.

Pictures here (and everywhere else) should make you feel happy and plentiful. Bright flowers, round fruits and sunny landscapes are good.

Remove all clocks. They are unnecessary in your dining room.

You can use a mirror to reflect the table and food on it, like a fruit-bowl. Make sure it doesn't reflect your kitchen or bathroom, though.

Special occasions: Use colorful decorations and add some light to stimulate communication when you expect guests or have family events. For a romantic dinner choose dark or pastel decorations, dim lights or light candles.

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