Use Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
To Create Comfortable Bedroom

I have collected some easy Feng Shui bedroom tips for you to try.

Bedroom is the most important room of your house.
Grown-ups spend about one third of their time in bed. Sleeping...mostly.
Children even more.

At night you give away tired Chi and absorb fresh. With these Feng Shui bedroom tips you can make sure you have enough new light Chi to pull into you.

Feng Shui bedroom tips

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be relaxing and regenerating your energy. But bedroom is also the room of your love-life.

To load your inner Chi, you should find a combination of strong Yin and a little Yang.

Feng Shui bedroom tips for perfect bed

It is best to place your bed in diagonal direction from the door. If you cannot see the door when you lay in your bed, you should hang a mirror on the wall. This way you will not be surprised when somebody enters the room.

Opposite doors and windows are not good. If Chi`s line between two windows or window and door flows over your bed, then it might bring illnesses.

Bed should be high, so that air could flow freely under it. Keep your under-bed clutter-free. No piles of old magazines or unread books! You should have no useless things in your home at all. Throw out or give away all things you do not use.

Low beds keep you in the idle Chi on floor-level. To lift up Chi put lights around the bed or use brighter bed sheets.

Beds should be made of natural, breathing material like wood or bamboo.

Water-beds are unstable. You should feel comfortably safe while sleeping. Water-beds also create a conflict between Water and Fire (heating-system).

There should be a solid wall behind your bed, absolutely not a window. You donĀ“t want to sleep under a window, because it creates uncertainty and drafts. This Feng Shui bedroom tip also applies for chairs - you do not want to sit with your back towards a window, it makes you feel unsafe.

Never place your bed on a position where your feet would be towards the door, when sleeping. This is how coffins are placed.
If your bed is opposite a window, use a piece of furniture that is higher than windowsill. A bed with high footer is also very suitable.

Baldachin-beds are good - their roof protects you. Beds with high pillars, made of heavy wood though, can have a claustrophobic influence, especially when the baldachin textile is patterned.

Head of the bed has supporting function. It should be made of solid wood. It has to be higher than footboard.

If the bed is exactly on the same line with a window or door, cut the line with a dresser or a chest drawer on the footer.

Choose a bed that would fit easily to your room.

Don't place your bed under sloping walls, if possible.

Try to avoid metal beds, because metal draws static electricity.

Feng Shui bedroom tips for furniture

Furniture in couple's bedroom should be in pairs: similar bedsides or little tables on both sides of the bed.

Do not store too many books in your bedroom, they stimulate mentally.

No pictures of friends, parents or children in couple's bedroom. Feng Shui bedroom tips say that you should use pictures of couples or things in couples in your bedroom.

Mirrors should not reflect the bed.

Make sure your cupboards and drawers are not messy, they should be easily opened and closed and you should have enough room to hang your clothes up.

The worst piece of furniture in your bedroom is a cupboard that hangs over your head while you are sleeping and connects wardrobes on both sides of the bed.

Choose hefty, soft, round-edged furniture.

Do not place ionizers near your bed.

Electric blankets have to be pulled off the plug when going to sleep.

Electricity has to be on the opposite wall of your bed. Even electrical clocks. There can only be small bedside lamps next to bed.

General Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Ideally there should be only 1 door to bedroom and no more than 3 windows. If that is not possible, calm the room with yin decorations like soft curtains and pillows, pastel colors or dark bed sheets.

Put away all things you do not use. This Feng Shui bedroom tip applies to all parts of your house. No unnecessary things anywhere!

Give away clothes you do not wear any more.

Clothes that lie on the floor or on chairs make the room look messy and disturb you, because you know you should put them away.

Hide all beams. At least paint them same color as ceiling.

Bedroom should be calm and cozy.

Use pale, pastel or dark shades.

Bed sheets should be deeper shade than the floor, walls and curtains. Definitely in one colour or with only simple big patterns.

Pictures and decorations as few as possible.

Do not hang pictures or anything else above your bed.

It is better not to keep any plants in the bedroom. They are too invigorating. Suitable for ill person's bedroom.

If you share your bed with your partner/spouse, make sure you both can acess your side of the bed without trouble or without climbing over each-other. To keep balance and harmony in your relationship, make sure the bed has equal room on both sides, where you can put identical bedsides, lamps and maybe even rugs.

Control your bedroom windows. There should be no "poison-arrows" directed to your windows, like roof-edges. If there is, place a crystal decoration on the window.

If you are not comfortable with seeing your lovely tangles first thing in the morning, make sure there are no mirrors. They can also reflect lights from outside that disturb you while sleeping. Instead place a picture that you love or something that reminds you of how wonderful life is to a spot where you see it when waking up.

Your bedroom cannot turn into a storage room or an office. It should only have the function for sleeping and love-life. Hide areas of other functions in your bedroom.

Switch your phone off for the night.

Bedroom is not a good place for TV: when closed acts like a mirror. If you do not want to move it to another room, cover it while turned off, or turn it against a wall.

Prefer appliances working on batteries or that are wound.

You don't have to use all the Feng Shui Bedroom Tips. Start with the ones you can apply easily.

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